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In the perception of most people, the profession of realtor enjoys a controversial, if not dubious reputation. This is not only a feature of post-Soviet perception but rather a worldwide trend. Realtors are also disliked in Great Britain, America, or China. Even though they have certified training, and their activity is more regulated on the normative level than in Ukraine.

People do not understand the need to pay commission. This is a problem not only for real estate agents but for the whole service industry. Our people understand what they are paying for only when they buy a product and can “feel” it. When it comes to services, people rarely take into account the fact that human resources also cost money. And, to become a professional at what you do, you need to invest time and money in yourself.

People expect to be deceived. Many clients don’t have the extensive knowledge or experience that realtors have when it comes to property transactions. They may naturally be suspicious of an outsider. After all, perhaps one of the biggest purchases or sales of your life is being made. Realtors’ openness and honesty help lay the groundwork for a long-term relationship that will pay off for both parties. In addition, when asked about the perception of real estate agent ethics, people respond that they generally do not believe in a high level of ethics. This may be due in part to the perception that realtors have self-serving goals.

People are tired of “one-day” realtors. The market for realtor services is oversaturated with all sorts of offers. Many people, in search of easy money, decide that this is a profitable area, which does not require special resource investments. Such people may not observe basic ethical rules or dump prices, which negatively affects the overall reputation of the profession. And after a couple of unsuccessful attempts to change the profession altogether. At the same time, unsatisfied clients have already formed their views and do not want to be disappointed and lose their time and money anymore.

People believe that the profession does not require much knowledge. It is commonly believed that knowledge and skills are acquired exclusively at the university or college. As the saying goes, you can’t go anywhere without a crust. However, universities do not teach the profession of the realtor. And the skills that a real estate agent should have are too extensive. A good realtor is a lawyer, an engineer, a marketing expert, and even a psychoanalyst.
To be a successful and in-demand specialist you should constantly improve your skills, be involved in the legal processes in the state and the slightest changes on the real estate market.

You should not be sad and lose faith in professional real estate agents. However, a realtor is a specialist who will help you to find a house and to prepare all the documents. This is a guide to the world of real estate, no matter if you are buying or selling the property. A competent realtor is a guarantee of a successful transaction and peace of mind.

Moreover, the whole industry is changing, becoming more transparent, accessible, and understandable. Thus, buyers and sellers can better track and understand what realtors are doing at different stages of the real estate buying or selling process, which adds value to their experience.

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