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Everyone who scrolls through the newsfeed occasionally has heard of the now popular “cryptocurrency”. Cryptocurrencies are encrypted digital currencies that are not regulated by banks and sometimes even by the established rules of the financial market. The younger generation wants passive income, so they are actively investing in an alternative way of making money. The older generation is not far behind. The pandemic and the transition of life to “online” increasingly contribute to the fact that people prefer the contactless method of payment to the traditional one. And the total capitalization of cryptocurrency has recently approached Apple’s $2.06 trillion capitalizations.

The most popular cryptocurrency at the moment is Bitcoin/BTC (Bitcoin).  Launched back in 2009, and used by a niche audience for quite some time, it has risen and fallen precipitously for over 10 years. Bitcoin’s popularity skyrocketed in 2017 when prominent companies adopted it as a payment option and several governments banned cryptocurrency mining and use entirely.
Unprecedented growth occurred in the fall of 2020 when the payment system PayPal added the ability to make financial transactions using cryptocurrencies. Mainstream media coverage and pop culture references also contributed to the unprecedented growth of cryptocurrency. In 2021, Bitcoin’s capitalization reached $1 trillion, compared to Microsoft’s capitalization of $1.82 trillion.

Bitcoin is followed by an equally well-known and used cryptocurrency – Ethereum/ ETH (Etherium). Ethereum, launched in July 2015, is believed to be one of the most well-established decentralized software platforms.

The real estate sector is keeping up with global trends. Today, cryptocurrencies have managed to penetrate almost all markets, including even the real estate market. For example, in the U.S. and many other developed countries, there are already websites and real estate agencies selling real estate using Bitcoin or Ethereum. One of the first transactions with the help of cryptocurrency was concluded in 2017 and amounted to 6 million dollars.

Ukrainian business is still only looking closely at the possibilities of digital currency. However, advanced companies are already fully using the potential of the most popular cryptocurrencies. After all, the main advantage of transactions with the help of cryptocurrency is immediacy, low cost, and the possibility of remote access.

If we talk about real estate in Ukraine, the purchase or sale of property in our country with its help is not yet very common. But paying for real estate services is quite real and in demand. So the real estate agency “Emmanuel” is keeping up to date, and wants to do everything for the comfort of our customers. All that is necessary – it’s just to choose the variant of housing you are interested in and agree on the terms of the deal. And then our realtors will help to contribute to the development of the crypto market in real estate.

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