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Buying or renting real estate is always accompanied by not the most pleasant part of the process – the inspection of the future housing. This process takes a lot of energy, both physical and moral. Ideal apartments are rarely found “at first sight. Before that, you have to spend time on mediocre, if not completely sad variants.

 And even if you are lucky to find “your” apartment at the first sight, do not forget to pay attention to all the details. It’s important to conduct a thorough inspection of the apartment before agreeing to a deal. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when viewing a property.

Check for faultless appliances and wiring

Household appliances are an important part of comfortable living in an apartment. Plus, properly functioning wiring and outlets are also a safety feature. Ask the owner whether the apartment has fuses and whether there are any power outages. After all, a short circuit can not only destroy electronic devices but also endanger life and property. Carefully inspect all devices and make sure they are in working order. If these things don’t work, you need to negotiate with your landlord or seller about how the problem will be resolved. You can ask for a discount or a replacement for the faulty unit.

Check the water pressure, temperature, and filters

No one would wish to encounter a situation where you want to take a shower and the water simply does not reach the apartment. It’s a thing that usually goes unnoticed, but it can mess up your life. There’s nothing worse than the inconsistent water temperature and pressure. The presence and working order of the filters is also worth checking. The water in Kyiv is sometimes hard and leaves a white scum on the surfaces or skin. These factors do not contribute to a comfortable life. If you find that something is wrong, consult your landlord or realtor to address the issues before you move in.

 Pay attention to the car park and the adjacent area at different times of the day

If you are planning to rent or buy an apartment in a busy residential complex in Kyiv, likely, numerous people live there. And these people are competitors for parking space. Yes, yes, parking sometimes becomes a test of attention and skill to drive the car. Ideally, if the apartment comes with a parking space. If not, you should think about where you will leave the car in case of lack of space. Also, be sure to look at how the car park and the house itself are lit. Whether the area around the house is adequately equipped and safe.

 Test cell phone reception

As strange as it may sound, but a stable cell phone and the Internet are important components of a modern life. Believe me, you are unlikely to be happy if instead of calling you will receive text messages from mobile operators with the text “You have been telephoned. And in times of the pandemic, when many people have to work from home, discuss work issues over the phone, and be on call 24/7, steady reception is essential.

Make sure there are no “uninvited guests”

Apartment owners are always trying to hide a nuisance like this. Often, pests such as insects or rodents run over from sloppy neighbors. The best way to check is to look inside or on top of the cabinets to see if there is life waste or insect repellent. It is also advisable to check the walls and baseboards for cracks, holes, or poison. This is especially fundamental if you plan to live with a pet.

If possible, talk to your neighbors

An optional but desirable aspect. Ask the tenants of the house any questions related to potential problems with the house. Another tip is to find out the form of ownership of the home you are viewing, check if everything is in order with the books and service contracts.

In general, be proactive and always ask even the most awkward questions. It’s better to overdo it and bore the owner than to fix wiring and put out fires.

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