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It is known that the most demanded housing in Kyiv is one-room apartments. Their average size varies from 35 to 50 sq.m., and often does not allow the realization of all desirable interior solutions of the owners. In this case, people are worried about every meter, carefully planning the design and trying to visually increase the space.

In order not to “steal” precious meters, you need to follow just a few basic rules in interior design.

Choose light shades

When choosing wallpaper, painting materials, and curtains, pay attention to light colors. They visually expand and make any room more spacious. And it is desirable to use bright or dark colors, exclusively as an accent. In addition, the color design affects the general atmosphere in the house and the residents’ feelings.

Do not make the interior heavier and do not burden it

Bulky furniture “steals” space and does not allow “turn around”. Wooden furniture seems to be strong, reliable, and durable. However, if we are talking about a small apartment, it is important to pay attention to the multi-functionality and expediency of the purchase of this or that furniture. Another appropriate step would be to get rid of unnecessary details and leave only the necessary elements of furniture and decor.

Use mirrors

The idea is as old as the world. The mirror visually adds “air” and at times increases the area. Mirror surfaces can be used in different variations of color and shape. Placement depends on your imagination and readiness for extraordinary design solutions. Walls or ceilings, doors or cabinets – it all depends on your wishes.

Panoramic windows

Consider replacing the standard windows with floor-to-ceiling wide windows. This solution will not be to everyone’s liking, but large windows illuminate the room with natural additional light.

Do not clutter the ceiling

In the case of a small apartment, the optimal solution is a ceiling without unnecessary decorations made of plasterboard. When choosing a finishing color, you should also pay attention to tones lighter than the walls. After all, lighter shades reflect light. At the same time, everyone remembers the crystal-tiered chandeliers, which visually lower the ceiling and do not make your home more spacious. It is better to abandon them in favor of built-in fixtures.

Of course, there are exceptions. It happens that people ignore the above advice and create a cozy and interesting design. However, it is worth going against established truths only in two cases. If you are confident in your abilities and taste, and you know exactly what you want to see after the repair. Or if you are 100% confident in the skill and talent of the designer.

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