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And although the pandemic makes adjustments to the plans of developers, the market of primary real estate is still in demand, especially in major cities. Nevertheless, a new building is not the same as a new building. Not all primary residence is similar in quality and list of amenities. And let the Ukrainian legislation does not have a clear classification of new buildings, developers and real estate agencies often use the scale: economy – a comfort – business – elite (premium). It is time to understand the difference.

Economy class
Multistory buildings of the “economy class” – are often the usual “panel”, sometimes there are brick-and-monolithic complexes. The main feature is the remoteness from the center and major transport interchanges (or other infrastructure benefits). Such buildings are considered inexpensive and do not offer additional conveniences such as concierge, gated communities, or video surveillance. Developers don’t bother to think out unusual architectural solutions, sometimes they just like to add bright colors to increase the demand.
Parking spaces are often designed in a minimal amount, so the yard turns into a hodgepodge of cars. And people are guided by the principle: “who gets up first, takes your pick”.

Comfort class
New buildings of “comfort class” – are, as we used to think, apartments for the middle class. Such new buildings are located near the subway or nearby (in Kyiv – 10-15 minutes on foot). However, it happens that such new buildings are located far from the subway, for example in bedroom communities. Developers are more careful with the project: equipped children’s and sports grounds, recreation areas, closed territory, and sometimes even security.
Buildings of comfort class often have autonomous or individual heating.
The situation with parking spaces is slightly better than in the economy class. Underground parking spaces may be available, and in general, space is calculated by 1 car per two apartments.

Buildings of business class are usually located in the city center or near the subway. Distinctive features: beautifully equipped spacious lobby with an administrator (concierge), closed territory, enhanced security, and interesting design solutions. Landscaping and gardeners carefully monitor the appearance of the plants. Spa centers, beauty salons, fitness centers, and cafes are located on the first floors of the residential buildings. Business-class housing may even have a separate commercial school or kindergarten.
The car may be put in an equipped underground or surface parking lot, and the parking spaces are calculated on the principle of one car per apartment.

Elite (premium) class
The most expensive and high-quality housing, with lots of additional amenities. Location may vary depending on the wishes of the buyer. Some people prefer to live in the city center, others choose a suburban type of housing. However, the building must have a picturesque view of the water and nature or historical monuments.
In premium class residential complexes, there is a small number of apartments per floor. Particular attention is paid to the selection of materials, architectural subtleties, and infrastructure inside the complex. Parking spaces in the underground and on the street are not designed for 1 car per family. The new buildings can be located far from the subway, which is not a problem for the residents.

In general, each type of housing is designed for its target audience. And has both positive and negative sides. Before you make a choice – assess your capabilities in the context not only of the purchase but also the subsequent maintenance of the property.

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